Fluid page (iframed)

This page uses a fluid layout, i.e. it's a fully responsive page that uses percentage instead fixed pixels for widths.

In a normal iframe this page would get cropped or require vertical scrolling but with the magic iframe we have the ability to use auto resize.

Auto resize

The ability to automatically resize the iframe according to it's content is turned on by default but the feature can be disabled by setting autoResize to false. There's also an optional property called resizeDebounce that can be used to control how often the resize event should force a resize of the iframe (number in milliseconds, 0 by default).

Inline styles

Inject styles to the content inside the iframe using the styles property and set styles like you normally would with the style attribute.

External stylesheets

Append one or more external stylesheets to the content inside the iframe with the styleUrls property which takes an array of strings.

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Load responsive page
Load restricted page (throws error)

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